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Marta Veludo

Marta Veludo

Check out the lovely work of Design / Art Director, Marta Veludo. The multi-skilled, mulit-disciplined designer, originally from Lisbon but now works in Amsterdam, has an exciting style that mixes media and 80's style into some fresh and exciting visuals. She's worked on a variety of design and art direction projects, even turning her creativity to the world of fashion, in a collaboration with Spanish fashion designer Krizia Robustella.

'“I’ve always been attracted and drawn to mixed media,” Veludo explains. “I believe that a designer can work through different mediums, researching new approaches, refreshing ideas and ways to bring joy for all. And often, the way to do it isn’t in a flat and systematic way.”

See more of the great interview she did with AIGA here.

GoodFromYou Marta

Marta's website  |  AIGA interview

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