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Illustration with style, and symptoms

Illustration with style, and symptoms

Bedow develops a sensitive art direction that outlines the difficulties of living with Parkinsons.

Neuro is a company that raises funds for medical research across Sweden, largely through the generosity of personal donations. To raise awareness of Parkinsons Disease, Neuro partnered up with studio Bedow to run a digital campaign called Vardagskampen. Vardagskampen refers to the struggle people with Parkinson’s experience everyday.

For the campaign, Bedow created a name, logotype, illustration, animation, typography and a browser-based game. Fundamentally at the heart of the project is a series of illustrations which illustrate the issues people with Parkinsons face; shaking, rigidity and slowness of movement. The resulting illustrations combined with a soft colour palette feel contemporary and vibrant but more critically they are their own style inspired by Parkinson symptoms which makes them strikingly unique and truly relevant.

The logotype is interspersed with illustrations amongst a modern sans typeface which work well together. The simplicity of typeface allows the illustrations for A, G and P to work without the lock up looking too cluttered and busy.

To hammer the message home, the studio created a series of mini browser-based games. Each game is based on a different everyday-task Parkinson sufferers struggle with on a daily basis; changing a lightbulb, putting toothpaste on your brush, etc. Using the gyroscope on mobile, the game challenges users to align the shapes as quick as they can as they attempt to combat constant shaking and disruptions of their own movements.


The illustration style and animation show the symptoms of Parkinsons disease — shaking, rigidity and slowness of movement.


Bedow is a small creative studio based in Södermalm in Stockholm where they have been working since 2012. Founded by Perniclas Bedow, the studio grew in 2014 bringing in designers; Anders Bollman, Mattias Amnäs and, most recently, Kung Hiu Ching to top their small but amazingly talented team.

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