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A haven of calm to enjoy your cuppa

A haven of calm to enjoy your cuppa

The Company You Keep cuts through the noise with Love Tea's packaging

Love Tea has been crafting organic and therapeutic tea blends for over a decade. Last year they got the team at The Company You Keep (TCYK) on board to overhaul their packaging and help their brand thrive. 

Through research, TCYK noticed supermarket shelves were stacked with a single relentlessly repetitive art direction consisting largely of; big bright colours and floral illustrations that vied, no begged for attention. The studio took this opportunity to take a step back and reflect on the quiet stillness and calm that a cup of tea affords and let this philosophy dictate. The result is an earthy colour palette paired with botanist-style ingredient assets that communicate the tea's organic nature, quality of ingredients and works wonderfully setting it apart on the shelves.




Throughout our research we saw shelf after shelf of colourful, loud packaging with nifty flavour names. In contrast, we wanted to convey that drinking tea is about finding a moment of peace. An exhale. 

— The Company You Keep





With the addition of specialist detailing; embossing, white ink and recycled card propel Love Tea to a more aspirational price-point as a recognised premium product.




The Company You Keep are a design led creative practice based in Melbourne Australia. They work where brand strategy and design thinking meet to help businesses distill, define and articulate what they do and why they do it. TYCK have a select range of highly ambitious clients that have blended in harmony to achieve a simply stunning portfolio.

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