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Coffee vs Gangs

Coffee vs Gangs

A wonderful campaign from Kenco that sees the coffee giant focus on social good by launching the Coffee vs Gangs initiative. The project aims to train young Hondurans who are at risk of being sucked into gangs as coffee farmers. The work was devised in tandem with JWT who have created media off the back to raise awareness, which features a teenager who is in danger of joining a gang but instead follows the Kenco farming project. Creatively the ads are brought to life by animated tattoos representing the emotional struggle these young Hondurans have to battle.

The project itself states: "it’s not enough simply to remove these young people from the risks in their community for a year. Kenco wants all the participants to have a business plan at the end of the project – and the skills, confidence and passion to make it a commercial reality."

The work was written by Jess Oudot, art directed by Matt Leach and directed by Johnny Hardstaff through RSA Films.

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