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Keep up.

Keep up.

Honda. Always one to push both technology and their approach to advertising. Working alongside Wieden+Kennedy only helps the levels they push their creative, with the latest campaign 'Keep Up' another example of this. It celebrates Honda's belief that by pushing themselves, everyone can surpass their own perceived limits.

Rather than just telling the story of Honda’s pioneering spirit and commitment to progress, the campaign challenges viewers’ reading speed, allowing them to feel the joy of improvement for themselves. A manifesto is delivered one word at a time, with the pace increasing throughout the film, intercut with glimpses of the new Honda fleet, which are all born from the company’s challenging spirit.

The ad was directed by ManvsMachine and challenges the viewer to Keep Up with the rapidly changing message on screen. The messages gets faster as the ad goes on, proving that everyone is capable of achieving more than they initially thought, delivering a real feel good factor. Be sure to challenge yourself and check out the Youtube experience too.

GoodFromYou W+K, Honda & ManvsMachine

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