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Our stand-out photographer this week goes to the talented Gian Paul Lozza. Specializing in movement and portraits across music artists and athletes is how he describes his experience, but that fails to mention some incredible landscape photography and beautiful studies of form and detail. We especially love his work into action sports including skate and snowboarding for clients that include Nike, Head and Burton. Be sure to check out his recently published book, Nature of Snowboarding. described here:
Instead of being full of high-gloss pictures, it provides an unusual view of snowboarding by focusing on the characters from different cultures and countries I have met on the scene. They all have one thing in common: a love for snowboarding. The book uncovers the nature of this sport — the life. You can read much more about the nature of snowboarding in these faces than in anything else published so far about the sport.

GoodFromYou Gian Paul Lozza

Website  |  Nature of Snowboarding

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