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Flickr shine the spotlight on 20 young photographers

20under20 is Flickr's annual award that honors 20 of the “world’s most extraordinary young photographers on Flickr. Click on the banner above to see this years winners, oh and try not to feel too old and talentless :/

GoodFromYou Evan Atwood, Rachel Baran, Olivia Bee, Alex Benetel,Oliver Charles, Alex Currie, Silvia Grav, Zev Hoover, Katharina Jung, Lissy Laricchia,Brian Oldham, Laurence Philomene, Greg Ponthus, Berta Vicente Salas, Nicholas Scarpinato, Alex Stoddard, David Uzochukwu, Chrissie White, wiissa, and Lauren Withrow.

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Quotes on shit

Quotes on shit