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Bring the vibe

Being asked to brand the summer cant be an easy task but luckily Saffron had what it takes as they've just realised the stunning visuals of their recent branding for UK music festival V festival

They set to out to visually interpret the festivals unique 'vibe' and capture all the emotion that the event conjures up, in their own words: despite each festival being essentially the same (field+music+sunshine = good time) each of them had a peculiar identity that makes a lasting impression on attendees. And so the thought of the V Festival VIBE was born – that intangible, almost inexpressible essence that makes the festival what it is. Intangible and amorphous, yet real and visible; uniquely individual yet necessarily shared - thoughts, emotions and experiences inevitably come together in what can only be described as a singular, and incredibly powerful, V Festival VIBE. We created a statement – ‘Bring the VIBE’ that expressed the idea and invited all comers to be a unique part of one of the summer’s most special gatherings. And then the creative team set to bringing the VIBE to life. 

GoodFromyou Saffron

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The Illusion of Life

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